Harm Reduction Saves Lives.

Indigenous Harm Reduction Heals.

"In Nehiyaw (Cree) culture, we are taught to take care of one another, no matter the circumstances.

Harm reduction is an extension of this teaching."

Harm Reduction is the attempts made to reduce or minimize harm, particularly for those who engage in risky behaviours, but it is also an everyday practice in general society (ie. Seatbelts, drinking water, etc.).

Indigenous Harm Reduction refers to undoing the harms of colonialism. An Indigenized approach to harm reduction is done by re-connecting people to culture to foster an interconnectedness between the spiritual, human and natural worlds.

“For Indigenous peoples, however, harm reduction is not tethered to the use of substances. Instead, Indigenous harm reduction is a way of life, embedded within traditional knowledge systems that see the spiritual world, the natural world, and humanity as inter-related.”


During street outreach, we hand out the following supplies:

  • Harm Reduction Supplies (Sterile Injection Kits, Smoking Kits, Safe Sex Supples,
  • Pregnancy Tests, Forensic Drug Test Strips, etc)
  • Donated Food, Snacks, Bottled Water
  • Donations (Clothing, Hygiene, Camping Gear, etc.)
  • Suggestions of Resources & Information for Grassroots Services (we do not provide referrals)
  • Sage, Smudging,

We try to reach folks who are within inner city proximities, the Downtown Core, Whyte Avenue. We also aim to reach folks who stay in encampments, and folks in LRT stations and bus terminals.

More than just handing out harm reduction supplies, our volunteers focus on building connections and fostering a sense of community. We believe every person has a story worth hearing, and we strive to honour the gift of storytelling that is important amongst Indigenous cultures. Often folks feel welcomed and comfortable with our presence, and many want to tell us their story. We consider this a gift and we don’t rush from one person to the next, we try to take the time to listen to folks and honour and validate their existence. We are an empowerment based group and do our best to make others feel heard and seen.